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Current Exhibition


August 11 Eve, 12 & 13, 10-4pm


Make a collage about your creative life.

Study the layout, progress a focus and build a sculpture.


*$250. Limited to six participants.

Click PDF file for more information





August 21-25, 10-4pm


Your initial mark shows up everywhere.

We will take it seriously and see it develop into a sculpture.


*$450. Limited to six participants.

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Past Events

Navigating These Times

along with the ECLECTIC SCULPTURES of Curator Robbie Schoen

January 6, 2017 - January 29, 2017
Location:  Felix Kulpa Gallery
107 Elm Street (behind Streetlight Records).
Santa Cruz, California (408) 373-2854

NAVIGATING THESE TIMES is an exhibition of NAVIGATORS of the cosmos. These spacewomen, pursuing our human curiosity about what lies beyond, apply our greatest technical knowledge along with amazing courage to explore in space crafts made of canvas and tin cans held together with nuts, bolts and copper wire. The kids in the sandbox have gone wild…and with walkie talkies to stay connected.


Yet this exhibition, originally installed in New York and Baltimore in 2014, now exists in a new paradigm, post-election. The world itself feels different. But our present day sexism and misogyny has been here all along. A mistaken course began in the Garden of Eden when Eve was given the order to obey and the job to initiate the “fall” by plucking the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, etc. etc.


And so I introduce a SECOND COMING EVE to help with this new course we must undertake. She offers the apple, with it’s knowledge, i.e. facts and wisdom, to Mr. Trump himself. There is also a basket of APPLES FOR CONGRESS, to take in all of the knowledge and wisdom offered up by the relentless courage of the feminine.


We are just beginning to navigate these new times.

"As We See It" - 5 women artists at the R. Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA

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