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Bardo Exploration
[ceramic & electronics, 12"]
Bardo Hookup
[ceramic & electronics, 21"]

Navigator Collection

"Ascending into the Bardo"

The images in this final series, The Navigators, are searching in the field of liberation and the Bardo, or period between this lifetime and the next.  Naturally, this comes from my psychological need to comprehend where my son is now… what has happened to his spirit, what is he doing these days?  But at the same time, I must pursue my own path.


With this body of work, I try to face into my own naturally impending death and seek to see it as starkly and with as much truth as possible.  Is there life after death?  Is there life between lifetimes?  How many more tests between lifetimes must I endure?


There is much “tongue in cheek”  about the audaciousness of my attempt to understand this “impossible to understand”.  So much equipment is needed in the form of knowledge and faith for this journey… just in case there really is such a journey.  


Barometers, compasses, switches, headphones to stay connected and hooked up, gauges in case things get out of hand.  And cameras, especially cameras, to record the event. All symbolic of the ‘tools” it would be handy to have so as to be more able to navigate this terrain.  Life has been hard.  Why not do all I can to navigate better next time around?


How else could I face into all of this, know and see this inner experience of my “soul life” except through my art?


Navigator Collection - Ascending into the Bardo
[ceramic, 14"]
Bardo Angel 
Bardo Angel I
Glove, Nasa 2001 
 [ceramic, 20"]
Glove, Nasa 2001
 [ceramic, 20"]
Waiting for Further Instruction
 [ceramic & found object, 28"]
 [ceramic, 28"]
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